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Welcome, it's an honest and sincere pleasure to introduce myself to you. If you've made it this far you've also taken your time to understand a bit more about me and I gratefully appreciate that.

The education never stops.

Film and the process behind creating it continues to fascinate me, since as long as I can remember it always captivated my attention and it's only now that I can really and truly appreciate the craft what it really means to create. Not all films are made equally and they certainly aren't all captivating, that magic wore off unfortunately at quite an early age. So I took it upon myself to learn really what it takes to make a film grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand your attention for its duration. To this day I learn constantly and it's with even greater pleasure that I can bring you into a part of my journey. 

This i'm now proud to tell you makes me a director first and foremost and due to the nature of how I paved my way I can also with confidence introduce myself as a director of photography. Out of sheer respect to the craft that second one doesn't roll off the tongue as easily but we'll get back to that.


I am and have been for the past 3 years (2014/15) a professional and freelance director, up until that point I was creating, editing, filming and all the rest but to be promoted to a club that has an esteemed list of members I simply didn't deem myself worthy. In that time i've been fortunate enough that my skillset has been recognised by a number of people within the industry and brands that have trusted me to take on their projects. In the automotive commercial world that includes global super powers like Mitsubishi, Ford and Honda. I even managed to pick up second place at the first International Motor Film festival in 2014 for a film I made for the World Rally Cross championship. This film was also featured in the WRCC link with James May and Tanner Foust on BBC's Top Gear.


In the fashion world i've worked as director of photography for Yves Saint Laurent and behind the camera for L'Oréal. In 2017 I decided that i'd put my writing to the test and a great crew and cast let me lead them into the unknown on my first short which premieres in late 2018 featuring the acting debut of Shavonne Wager and  the loveliest man in the business Huggy Leaver (Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels/Fast and Furious 6/Legend)


Over the course of the last two years i've worked on alongside many other projects as the lead director of photography on the documentary feature 'Oil In The Blood' due for release imminently on various online platforms. Bringing me back to the caution in calling myself a director of photography, it's only with this film that I felt like I could truly adopt the title and I can't thank the director Gareth Roberts enough for putting his faith in me on this project, we've had an incredible amount of creative freedom. Allowing me to direct and shoot elaborate tracking sequences with very limited input, it really meant a great deal to me to be trusted with this and to be let loose on this great subject matter. I'm very proud of the images we managed to put together for this film.


This year I've had the pleasure of directing my first high production music video for the band Habbits for their single 'Playing in the Dark' it was a great time working with these boys and for them to ask me was a lovely gesture. They're just starting out but I have no doubt they're on their way to success and it was a pleasure to create something for them to compliment the music.


My latest film is a short documentary based on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, I joined a friend of mine Gerald 'Gerry' Harrison on a mission to ride a Ducati 1198 on the Salt for the first time in his life. What followed was an endearing tail of a man fulfilling a boy hood dream with back up from incredibly esteemed motorcycle builder Max Hazan. It was an absolute pleasure to work on the film and i'm very excited to share it. It premieres globally and exclusively on this website on the 2nd November 2018. 

What next?

As my career and my journey in film making continues i'm looking forward to completing the script on my first feature which has been in the works for 2 years now. It is pushing further into development with completion anticipated in early 2019. In the mean time though i'm always looking for exciting projects to work on whether it be factual, film, documentary, music video or commercial. I'm open to ideas in all avenues that fit my style whether it be as a director or director of photography. I'm not exclusively represented so I'm free to enter into discussion with any interested parties.