Director of


I love this conversation – I find it the hardest thing to accept in this industry, the terminology is pretty vague at defining levels of expertise. I have a tough time qualifying myself as a director of photography. Roger Deakins is a director of photography, by the same logic Usain Bolt is a sprinter, I can sprint but that doesn't mean i'm going to be breaking any records any time soon. So how on earth can I feel comfortable calling myself a director of photography? When there’s no other distinction. He shot The Shawshank Redemption.

It just feels ridiculous. 


That being said. For some reason, my ability to understand how light works; the things I know about digital capture technology; my perception of composition; what a lens is going to do and how it’s going to affect an image means that people want me to do it for them. Which is just great and I love it. Not a day goes by where I’m not grateful to be able to do what I do. My gratitude knows no bounds for the people that put their trust in me to deliver for them. Above are just a few examples of my work to date.

This is really the aspect of my job that has never felt like work, I love creating scenes by casting light on subjects and locations. It does also help that i'm a little obsessed with lens aesthetics. The character that can be punctuated onto a scene in an image by a few pieces of glass continues to astound and astonish me. You have essentially infinite variables when you combine all of aspects of the job. A never ending creative tool box. 

There's a real range of productions on show here as well. It's been a staple of my career to adapt. One of my key aims as a DoP is to be versatile and resourceful. Filmmaking in any capacity is as much about dealing with what’s in front of you as it is as about the meticulous preparation before hand. It’s unpredictable and dynamic. My continual progression into the depths of the unknown has always given me the confidence to take myself just outside of my comfort zone with every job, knowing full well I’m qualified to handle whatever comes my way. I've had to be smart though, i'll never undergo any unnecessary risks and i'm always quick to work with those more experienced if i'm asked to do something out of my typical remit. I’m immensely proud of the results I’ve managed to produce with the wonderful team of people around me.