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the journey so far.

I developed my skill set from the ground up, i've had to turn my hand to all things filmmaking at some point in time. These days aside my freelance activities, I produce for the company that I am the sole proprietor, Visiomoto Films Ltd. That's for the small - medium size projects. More often than not it's when a client wants me to direct something and we don't have the money to make everyones dreams come true, I specialise in finding solutions to challenges and it's made for a fantastic career. I'm never shy of attempting something audacious. Never reckless though.

Otherwise i'm a freelance for hire. Predominantly in the directing department but I learnt behind the camera so I find it hard to put it down. This has led to esteemed directors employing me as their director of photography. It's never been a responsibility i've taken lightly, I was of the understanding very early on that I needed to learn fast if I was going to be a credit to the industry and i've never stopped. Since then i've worked for giants like YSL, Mercedes AMG F1, TW Steel, Honda and even a feature length documentary about custom motorcycle culture on Amazon and iTunes.

It's fair to say I take every aspect of my work very seriously. My main ambition is to follow in the footsteps of those that have paved the way in cinema and given me the inspiration and confidence to develop my own stories.

As a writer/director I have been developing my debut feature film for 4 years now with the completion in sight and a plan to shoot in 2020.

In the mean time I have a feature length documentary being developed by a production company based in Los Angeles which should be released in the first quarter of 2020.