RED DSMC2 Monstro - 8K VV 

Large Format


Gemini - 5k S35

Low Light Specialist


Over the many years of my career about the only thing I haven't shot on is film, counting photography, I actually love taking pictures on 35mm. I specialise in digital capture, specifically RED Digital Cinema, having trained with their expert educators and qualifying under their own REDucation programme. Learning the intricacies of modern digital capture and how the get the absolute best out of their systems. That's why I personally have the Gemini and Monstro sensors in house. The versatility is unprecedented and unrivalled. I'm experienced with and have a lot of love for Arri, Sony and Canon as well. It's really all about the right camera for the job so this is always a discussion to be had ahead of entering into a new project.

Lenses and lighting

Basic lenses are kept in stock but my go to hire company is on hand for anything more specialist and they can provide lenses to suit any application. The same applies for lighting, preferring to spec to each job rather than have a warehouse of equipment. Smaller scale solutions can be had when time and efficiency is important. Just the same our associates have shot everything from run and gun documentary to full scale feature films. So we have every base covered with requests being handled quickly. I only work with the best hire in the business to ensure success on every job, factoring in a multitude of contingency.


All cameras can be supplied with audio kit, tripods and a variety of grip packages. These cameras have been mounted on gimbals with full lens control with hired Arri WCU-4 units or Preston follow focus with Teradek wireless video feed. We can even fly them if desired. They've travelled at over 100mph on the outside of tracking vehicles so if you've got some special requirements don't be shy.