Creating characters and worlds is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. I've been a writer my whole life. It's just taken a lifetime to develop who I am, what I want to say and to find the confidence to start saying it. 

For a such a long time I really just didn't know where to begin. Conventional education hadn't inspired me, despite taking English literature, i didn't come across tales that captivated my attention. I didn't find anything I could relate to between the pages. In some instances I was immature and wasn't looking with the right eyes but in many ways that was what inspired me to really discover the stories I wanted to tell.

Over the past 5 years i've written three short films with varying degrees of success. What i've learned as a result is invaluable.

My ambition has driven my persistence, I always wanted to write screenplays. Since watching Bond movies as a kid and then finding things that I just loved watching, Pulp Fiction, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Goodfellas. The themes I was interested in became very apparent but I wasn't about to just copy what I'd seen. I saw something else in those films. Instead of witty dialogue, I saw plight of the lower classes. People struggling to find their places in a world where they didn't belong. Once I found my rhythm through mostly trial and error, I now have at my fingertips a feature film script that will be my debut feature film.

On top of the short film scripts i'm developing two features as well as a feature length documentary at present. In my commercial work i've written or had a part in writing everything that i've worked on as a director. I take every opportunity with a personal responsibility to get the absolute most out of the project, big or small.